Irma’s Success Story:

Irma Medellin is a 55 year old mother of four children and a grandmother.  In 2009, she was hit with the harsh reality of the complications of hypertension and uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.  Irma suddenly was dizzy with a headache and dark vision.  She was taken to a hospital and learned she had had a mini-stroke.  “I was diagnosed 15 years ago, but didn’t want to take all the medicine.  Sometimes I would take it; sometimes I wouldn’t,” she said.

Irma decided to take charge of her health and participated in the Lindsay Diabetes Project (now called Healthy Lindsay-Healthy Community).  After attending the program, Irma lost weight, dropped her blood sugar levels and regained her vision.  Because Irma was able to make a lifestyle change after going through our program, she expresses having higher motivation and feeling better.  She is constantly recommending the program to others, especially those that don’t realize diabetes is a serious illness.

Tina and Diane’s Success Stories: