The Healthy Lindsay-Healthy Community Program is a collaboration between The Lindsay Family Resource, Kaweah Delta Community Outreach Department, the Lindsay District Hospital and many other organizations. The program offers Chronic Disease Self-Management and Mental Wellness Management Services to Lindsay and some surrounding communities residents.

Don’t let your chronic disease or mental health state interfere with your life activities and aim to have a balanced life.  If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension among others and you want to:

  • Improve and control your blood sugar and A1c levels
  • Keep your blood pressure on target
  • Manage your cholesterol numbers
  • Improve Mental Wellness
  •  Learn to prepare healthier meals

Then, this is the right program for you! We offer classes, techniques to deal with problems related to a chronic disease, appropriate exercise, appropriate use of medication, visits with a pharmacist, nutrition education, support groups and other services for people with chronic diseases.

Healthy mental wellness is a very important part of achieving overall well-being, especially among people suffering chronic diseases. To address this, we also provide basic mental wellness management and support so patients can deal with mental health needs brought forth by their chronic diseases.  At the same time, we provide support to family members and caregivers in caring for their loved on and taking care of their own mental health needs.

Participants are able to set realistic goals and develop action plans that make the results reachable.  Participants are taught to apply techniques to address some concerns that come with a chronic disease including physical and psychological effects such as pain, depression, and frustration.  All techniques applied are able to help the patient to effectively communicate with family, friends and health professionals.

By being part of these interactive workshops you’ll be able to build confidence in managing your physical health and mental well-being, and keep you active in living a healthier life!


Lindsay Local Hospital District was formed in 1958 and covers a 47,066 acre that includes the City of Lindsay and its surrounding communities.  In 1995 hospital services were contracted to Sierra View Hospital District.  In 1990, the hospital was closed and no new operating entity could be found to take over the operations.  The hospital property reverted to the City of Lindsay.

The District shifted its focus from a hospital facility to providing assistance to what health services remained in the City, including the support of ambulance services, until the service determined it would no longer operate from the District provided facilities in the City.  The District assists the School District in its provision of additional heath care professionals to its students that may not otherwise be possible.

The District is committed to supporting overall wellness projects and services from the Lindsay Wellness Center and other locations in the City.  The District also assists in the establishment of clinics within its boundaries for the District residents.